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Laser Hair Removal, Shaving, or Waxing: Which is Best? I Beautiful Orlando

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The most popular hair removal methods are laser hair removal, shaving, and waxing. They all have pros and cons that are important to note when deciding which method is best for you! At Beautiful Orlando Medical Spa we are currently offering Laser Hair Removal.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal destroys the hair and hair follicle, resulting in long lasting results. Treatments are typically needed every 4 weeks, and a minimum of 6 sessions are recommended. With this hair removal method, results can last years, making it easier to maintain. LHR is typically less painful than waxing, and the hair usually grows back thinner.

However, laser hair removal does not work for all skin or hair types, the best candidates are those with dark hair, and lighter skin. While this method is the most expensive of the three, it is also the most cost effective, since treatments do not need to be done frequently and after some time, the hair growth should be significantly less.


Shaving is the most convenient hair removal method. It can be done at home, or on the go, and the tools needed are easily accessible. Shaving is also relatively painless.

However, this method only targets the surface, thus hair usually grows back quickly. This method can also cause ingrowns, razor burns, and cuts if one is not careful. Ultimately, this method is the most time consuming, since shaving might need to be done every day in order to maintain the smoothest skin. And while it might seem like the least expensive method, it adds up in the long run.


Waxing is less expensive than laser hair removal, but it also adds up as you continue to get treatments. More treatments are needed compared to LHR, but less are needed compared to shaving. This method is good for all hair and skin types. Usually, the hair grows back thinner, since the wax removes the hair at the follicle. Thus, results can last a few weeks. 

However, wax is typically more painful than laser hair removal, especially on more sensitive areas, such as the bikini line. Hair also has to be longer in order for the wax to work, since it will not be effective if the hair is short. So typically, patients have to let their hair grow out for longer in order to wax, which might not be ideal.

Key Differences  

  • Time: LHR is done once a month, Waxing is done every 2-3 weeks, Shaving is done every/every other day  
  • Cost: LHR is the most expensive, Waxing is cheaper than laser but more expensive than shaving, Shaving is the least expensive method  
  • Results: LHR results last months-years, Waxing results last 3-4 weeks, Shaving lasts a couple of days

Which is Best?

Laser Hair Removal is the most cost-effective method, providing the best results. If you are looking for a treatment that requires less maintenance, and leads to long lasting results, LHR might be the perfect method for you! At Beautiful Orlando Medical Spa, we offer Laser Hair Removal using the Alma Soprano Titanium.


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