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The Benefits of HCG on Testosterone Levels

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What is HCG?

HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin. It is used for a number of different things, one of these being increasing testosterone levels. HCG is typically found in pregnant woman, as it is produced by the placenta. But it can also be found in small amounts in men and women throughout the body.

How does HCG help with low testosterone?

HCG helps with testosterone by stimulating LH receptors, which then stimulates testosterone production. This is a great way to increase testosterone levels without causing intense side effects. Small doses are typically effective for most patients; from 120 to 250 IU a week. This reduces the risk of adverse reactions and any potential harm.

Why use HCG to increase testosterone levels?

Low testosterone can cause the following symptoms:  

  • fatigue  
  • depression  
  • weight gain  
  • erectile dysfunction (ED)

Using HCG can help improve some of these symptoms greatly!

There are not many ways to increase testosterone, but using HCG has been shown to be one of the few effective ways to naturally stimulate testosterone production.

HCG and Weight Loss in Men

Using HCG to increase testosterone can also cause weight loss. This occurs due to an increased metabolism, when dieting and exercising. Consult our providers at Beautiful Orlando Medical Spa and Health Orlando Urology if this is something that interests you!

Safety and Side Effects

HCG is FDA approved for both men and women!

However, like most medical treatments, HCG might cause side effects in certain patients, since all bodies react differently. While rare, it is important to note that one might experience headaches, swelling, and mild pain. 

Is HCG a good option for you?

Discuss with our board certified urologist and nurse practitioner to see if this is right for you. Men with low testosterone can greatly benefit from this, but visit our office in Kissimmee, Florida to see if you are a good candidate for this treatment. Or to learn about other alternatives. Men currently on testosterone can also benefit from HCG treatments.   

For more information visit our website https://beautifulorlando.com/procedures/urology/testosterone-replacement-kissimmee-fl. 

Or call our office in Kissimmee, FL to schedule a consultation. 407-808-5656

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