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Why you should always wear sunscreen in Florida - Beautiful Orlando Medical Spa

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Though summer will quickly become fall, don’t put down your sunscreen just yet. The sun is the most important cause of both skin cancer and wrinkles, and those of us in Florida need extra protection due to our close proximity to the equator.

Why Wear Sunscreen?

Besides protecting you from sunburn (if your skin type does burn), why should you wear sunscreen? Here are our top five reasons at Beautiful Orlando Medical Spa in Kissimmee, Florida: 

Sunscreen helps prevent skin cancers. The three most common types of skin cancer are basal cell skin cancer, squamous cell skin cancer and melanoma. UV radiation is the top risk factor causing these skin cancers. Consistent, adequate protection from the sun’s UV rays helps lower your risk, which is why it’s critical to apply sunscreen every day.

Sunscreen prevents premature aging. The culprits of the aging process are divided into two categories: intrinsic aging (influenced by genetics) and extrinsic aging (induced by chronic exposure to the sun’s radiation, pollution, chemicals and other environmental factors). UV radiation causes the premature breakdown of collagen and elastin in skin, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. It also damages pigment-producing cells called melanocytes, resulting in the overproduction of melanin causing hyperpigmentation. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation is responsible for an estimated 90 percent of visible signs of aging. Regular use of sunscreen allows you to enjoy smooth, youthful-looking skin for years longer.

Sunscreen reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation. A common skin condition caused by sun exposure, hyperpigmentation is when your skin is darkened in patches due to changes in the production of melanin, which gives skin its color. People with darker skin are naturally more susceptible to hyperpigmentation.

Sunscreen prevents inflammation of the skin. UV radiation damages the DNA of immune-protecting cells, leading to inflammation and free radical damage to skin and within the body. Immune suppression decreases our body’s ability for these cells to protect us from skin cancers and other illnesses. The immune system plays a vital role in maintaining the health of all the tissues of the body, so healthy skin is vital to overall health.

Sunscreen prevents sun sensitivity. Sunscreens are particularly helpful in preventing solar irritation in people with sun-sensitive conditions, such as lupus and rosacea, where exposure to UV rays can lead to redness and burning in the skin and overall severity of these conditions.

If you are unsure which sunscreen may be right for you, stop by our office for a quick skin examination. We carry the Elta MD Brand which has contains zinc and hyaluronic acid which are wonderful for the skin! Give us a call for more information today at (407)766-6080 

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