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Dr. Sarat Sabharwal Leads Milestone in Patient Care At Orlando Health St. Cloud

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Dr. Sarat Sabharwal at Orlando Health St. Cloud Hospital achieved a significant milestone this month by performing the hospital's first laparoscopic nephrectomy, marking a significant advancement in patient care. This procedure involves the removal of a kidney and is typically necessary for conditions such as recurrent kidney infections, irreversible damage, obstruction, or indications of kidney cancer.

Laparoscopic nephrectomy is a minimally invasive approach, utilizing small incisions in the abdomen, resulting in reduced blood loss, less pain, shorter hospital stays, and quicker recovery times. Patients undergoing this procedure often return to full activity within 3-4 weeks post-surgery.

Dr. Sabharwal emphasized that this achievement reflects the hospital's dedication to offering top-notch healthcare services locally. By providing access to advanced surgical treatments like laparoscopic nephrectomy, Orlando Health St. Cloud Hospital aims to enhance patient outcomes and improve community healthcare accessibility.

“Orlando Health St. Cloud is now able to offer this service to the community, a demonstration of its commitment to providing world-class healthcare close to home. Residents now have access to this type of surgical treatment, which can greatly improve a patient’s outcome.” - Dr. Sabharwal

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