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Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment in Kissimmee, FL

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What is Female Sexual Dysfunction


It is the most common problem affecting sexual dysfunction. PMS, perimenopause, postmenopause, changes as a result of medications and a number of other hormonal conditions can disrupt each phase of sexual cycle. Close attention to sexual history and special physical and hormonal testing can identify the hormonal imbalance. Once the imbalance is corrected the sexual function can be improved or restored.

Symptoms and Causes


Vulvodynia and vaginismus are two conditions, among many, that cause pain on palpation or penetration of the vulva and vagina. These conditions even though sometimes seem difficult to diagnose and treat. Dr. Sabharwal has successfully diagnosed and treated hundreds of women with sexual dysfunction as a result of painful penetration. Our philosophy is that sex should be pleasurable and a source of strength in a relationship, not avoidance, disruption, and conflict.


Vaginal prolapse can cause significant mental, emotional, and physical impediments to a happy sex life. Impaired sexual confidence as a result of the change in the appearance of the vaginal organ has been studied extensively. Women report embarrassment as to the appearance of the vagina which inhibits relaxation and enjoyment during intimacy. Patients typically complaint of vaginal looseness and weakness prevents effective stimulation of the clitoral and vaginal tissue during intercourse and reduced pleasure.

Treatment Options


Health Orlando Urology employs a team of friendly, knowledgeable hormone therapy experts who are available to teach patients about BHRT. Our team can explain how BHRT works and determine whether this type of hormone therapy can help a patient achieve his or her desired treatment results.


DIVA is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure that uses laser technology to promote natural collagen production and tissue rejuvenation by application of gentle thermal energy for incontinence treatment. Women will see significant improvement in appearance of external female genitalia, tighter vagina, improved lubrication, enhanced orgasms, better urinary control, better vaginal sensation, strengthen pelvic muscles.


We offer a variety of vaginal reconstruction procedures as well as vaginal repair procedures. Vaginal reconstructive surgeries emphasize the repair of genital defects and restoration of the genitals to ensure proper function. Health Orlando Urology provides both cosmetic and reconstructive vaginal procedures. Our cosmetic surgeries are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal, symmetry, and proportion of the genitals.

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