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Circumcision in Kissimmee, FL

About Circumcision

A well-defined circumcised foreskin can be healthier and more hygienic as there are fewer areas of the penis for bacteria to hide. This also means that there are some risks for skin or urinary tract infections
(UTIs), which are common complaints of men with foreskin. There are also medical studies going on right now to determine if circumcision provides some protection for women from an HIV infection who have
sexual intercourse with circumcised men. If you are constantly developing bacterial infections or UTIs, it is understandable why you would choose to have this procedure later in life. Call today and schedule a one-on-one consultation at Beautiful Orlando with Dr. SaratSabharwal.

Best Candidates

A candidate for circumcision will have foreskin on the penis to be removed or have a penis without foreskin that needs a revision surgery from a previous circumcision. You can also call our office if a previous circumcision has led to the following conditions:
• A buried penis where there was too much or too little foreskin removed
• A curved penis or chordee of the head of the penis (in an upward or downward position)
• A thickening of the foreskin (skin bridge)
• A narrowing of the opening at the end of the penis (meatal stenosis)
• Chronic skin cracking and infections

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Treatment Techniques

Dr. Sabharwal will perform this while you are under anesthesia. You will not be able to feel any part of the surgical process. The incision type and circumcision style will be implemented as discussed in your treatment planning. Once the foreskin is removed and incisions closed, you will be taken to recovery for observation and pain management.

Revision Circumcision

Dr. Sabharwal can also help if you are unhappy with your original circumcision. You may have leftover skin that should have been circumcised, too much taken off in the initial surgery, or adhesions
that have developed at the circumcision site.

What To Expect

Dr. Sabharwal and her team in Kissimmee, FL will provide you with a prescription medication for your circumcision healing period. There are minimal risks to this surgery. However, you do need to watch for infection at the incision sites.
Before your circumcision our office will provide you with aftercare instructions on how to best care for your penis post-op. Please follow these instructions as directed and make your four-week follow-up appointment before leaving our office. If you have any questions between appointments, please call our office. You can expect your recovery time to be about 2 – 4 weeks. Your erectile functions should not be disrupted in any way after recovery.


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