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Prostate Cancer HIFU in Kissimmee near Orlando, FL

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Prostate Cancer Treatment with HIFU

The experienced practitioners at Beautiful Orlando are proud to offer HIFU for certain prostate cancer patients. High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a revolutionary, minimally invasive in-office procedure that treats prostate cancer while allowing men to avoid more radical treatments, such as radiation or surgery. This helps reduce the risk for long-term bladder control problems, as well as erectile dysfunction. The technology behind HIFU is Sonablate, which produces targeted and controlled ultrasound energy to target cancer while leaving nearby tissue unharmed. Sonablate does just what it sounds like — it heats and ablates (destroys) targeted tissue in a precise manner. This procedure is customized for each patient, according to the specific clinical diagnosis. We invite you to call our Beautiful Orlando office today to learn more about this state-of-the-art prostate cancer treatment.

Do I Qualify for HIFU?

HIFU may be a good procedure for you if you have early-stage prostate cancer that is localized, meaning, it has not spread beyond the prostate. If you are at risk for more invasive treatments or have not responded well to radiation, HIFU may be an option for your diagnosis.

  • No incisions are used
  • It is an outpatient procedure; no overnight hospital stay is needed
  • The treatment can be completed in a few short hours, compared to weeks for radiation
  • Compared to prostate surgery, the recovery time is minimal
  • There is minimal discomfort and little post-procedure pain
  • Most patients can resume normal activities in a few short days

Compared to other more aggressive prostate cancer treatments, HIFU:

  • Minimizes the risk of harming nearby tissue
  • Offers one of the lowest risks of side effects, such as urinary incontinence
  • Has a low rate of the occurrence of ED (erectile dysfunction)
  1. You have early stage, a localized prostate cancer that has not spread or metastasized outside the prostate.
  2. You have recurrent prostate cancer after radiation therapy of any type, or if other treatment options pose a high risk of complications.
  3. You want to avoid the side effects and potential complications of radical surgery or radiation.

What to Expect

At our Kissimmee, FL office, HIFU generally takes between 1 - 4 hours to perform. Patients will go through a pre-treatment process, which includes getting an enema to make sure the bowels are empty. In addition, we will instruct patients not to eat or drink anything for 6 hours before the procedure. Anesthesia is administered and then a catheter will be inserted to protect the treatment area from urination.

HIFU uses an ultrasound probe that is placed into the rectum, where ultrasonic sound waves reflect back to a computer system so that a digital image can be made of the prostate. This will allow precise targeting of where to place the sound waves into the gland. During the procedure, an MRI is used to help track the progress of the treatment and to take a picture of the prostate gland. This will show where to send the sound waves. After the procedure, patients will be monitored so that the anesthesia can wear off and post-treatment options provided. Patients are then released to recover at home. In some cases, the catheter may be left in for a few days. The recovery period is relatively simple and does not require a lot of downtime, and offers minimal to no pain.

Other Considerations

HIFU is quickly becoming the choice of treatment for many early-stage prostate cancer patients. It has fewer side effects and is an effective form of cancer treatment. After HIFU, there may be a period during or after the recovery where getting an erection or urinating may be difficult. This often goes away and diminishes on its own. Medication can also be prescribed for pain that may linger between the testicles and the rectum.

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COmpassionate Treatments

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and it was caught early, we welcome you to call Beautiful Orlando's office in Kissimmee, FL to learn more about HIFU and the advanced Sonoblate procedure. This minimally invasive treatment has allowed many men to enjoy a normal life and do everyday things without a lengthy recovery, scars, or unwanted side effects. During your exam, we will discuss the treatment in detail and customize a treatment approach that is right for you.

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