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Vasectomy Reversal in Kissimmee near Orlando, FL

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About Vasectomy Reversal

Thousands of men undergo vasectomy procedures in the U.S. every day. Considered a permanent form of male birth control, the procedure is safe, effective, and reliable for a man when he decides he no longer wants to conceive children. During this treatment, the ends of the vas deferens are cut/severed and tied, so sperm cannot enter the semen stream and thus create a pregnancy with a woman. However, some men may later decide they do in fact want more children and seek vasectomy reversal to make it happen. Also known as a vasovasostomy, a vasectomy reversal is performed to repair the ends of the vas deferens where they are reconstructed and reconnected to restore the flow of sperm. Great advancements have been made in vasectomy reversal surgery, and this procedure proves to be effective for so many men who decide later to have more children.

While this procedure is highly effective, it is not a guarantee since optimal sperm release may be lowered due to the original vasectomy. At Beautiful Orlando, we will work with each patient to explore all options, benefits, and risks associated with vasectomy reversal surgery.

Top Questions to Ask When Getting a Vasectomy Reversal

Best Candidates

The ideal candidate for any man considering a vasectomy reversal is one who has healthy, viable sperm. Vasectomies can be reversed within a couple of years or even as long as 25 years later, if sperm production is still possible. The good news is that men constantly produce sperm, so as long as the sperm are healthy, a vasectomy reversal is an effective way for a man to once again sire children. Patients should be in good health and have a thorough conversation with Dr. Sabharwal so that realistic expectations can be set prior to surgery. 

Procedure Technique

Vasectomy reversal surgery is an outpatient procedure and typically performed under anesthesia, such as a local or an epidural in some cases. The average treatment takes about three hours to complete via microsurgery with the assistance of a microscope and light to ensure the intricate vessels and the vas deferens are optimally repaired. Healing time varies by patient, but the average male is generally recovered within 14 days. For the first month after surgery, exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided.

Anticipated Outcomes

After vasectomy reversal treatment, sperm counts will be tested similar to the initial vasectomy procedure to ensure the sperm is making its way effectively through the newly repaired vas deferens. Because of advanced surgical techniques, this surgery offers excellent outcomes. In fact, the majority of men are able to successfully produce a pregnancy with their partner. For men with little vas fluid or low quality vas fluid where sperm counts are low or nonexistent, further treatment options will be discussed. Before the vasectomy is officially performed, Dr. Sabharwal will be able to detect if in fact there is a problem with the quality of the fluid, which is examined under a microscope.

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Whether it has been a year or a decade, if you've had a vasectomy but have decided to have additional children, this can be made possible with a vasectomy reversal. We invite you to call our Orlando, FL practice to consult with our highly skilled practitioners so that you can understand your options.

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