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Botox vs. Xeomin: Key Differences and Uses at Beautiful Orlando

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Botox and Xeomin are very similar. They are both used to treat frown lines, crows feet, and other wrinkles. However, they do have some differences that are important to note.


Botox is not a naked injection, and thus it includes multiple accessory proteins in addition to the Botulinum Toxin A. Botox results can last 3-4 months, similar to Xeomin. However, this cosmetic does have to be refrigerated. Like Xeomin, Botox produces similar results, reducing the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles, in relatively the same time. It has been shown that results can typically be seen within 3-4 days. However, patient results might vary, as everyone is different.


Xeomin contains the ingredient Botulinum Toxin A. This is the only ingredient in this injectable, which helps prevent the body from developing antibodies and resisting the Xeomin. This helps prevent side effects and unwanted reactions from occurring in your body. Xeomin can be stored in both the fridge, and at room temperature. This cosmetic is considered to be just as effective as Botox at removing frown lines and wrinkles. While not as well known, it has very similar properties and effects that can help you reach that desired look. The treatment process is the same as Botox, and there is no downtime for either procedure.

Key Differences 

  • "Naked" Injectable: Xeomin only contains one ingredient, compared to Botox which has accessory proteins 
  • Storage Method: Xeomin can be stored at room temperature; Botox has to be stored in the refrigerator 
  • Reputation: Botox has been well known for years; Xeomin is newer to the market (but just as effective)

What We Use

At Beautiful Orlando Medical Spa in Kissimmee, Florida we use Xeomin to help you achieve a smoother and younger look!

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