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HCG Weight Loss Program at Beautiful Orlando Medical Spa

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What is HCG?

HCG is a natural hormone found in the body. We use a small amount of HCG, given through a series of injections, to metabolize fat and transform it into energy. This will help the body get rid of fat.

How many pounds can I lose?

Our HCG program can help you lose anywhere from 12-20 pounds. This number can sometimes be more or less depending on the patient and how they follow the diet. Patients can sometimes expect to lose around 15 pounds in the first 3 weeks.

Length of the Program

This program is a total of 6 weeks. The first 3 weeks are when you will be administering the injections. The last 3 weeks will be a maintenance phase. At this point, the diet will change and new foods will be introduced. There are certain restrictions during the diet such as no exercise, no alcohol, etc. Dr. Anita Sabharwal can discuss these during a consultation at Beautiful Orlando Medical Spa.

The HCG Diet

The first two days of the diet are "loading days". We ask patients to eat foods that are high in fats, such as salmon, avocado, pizza, wings, etc. On the third day, patients start the 500 calorie diet. Patients will be given a list of food options and ideas that they can choose from, including, chicken breast, shrimp, white fish, vegetables, apples, oranges, and more. You can not use any oils or butters. Food can be boiled, grilled, or air fried. 

How many injections do I receive?

There is a total of 23 injections that the patient will administer at home. Each injection can be returned to our office when patients come in for their check in, so that we can dispose of them properly.

The Maintenance Phase

The maintenance phase starts after the first 3 weeks. We will increase the number of calories during this phase, ranging from about 700 to 900 calories a day. We will also introduce various foods such as fried foods, butter, fats, and nuts. This diet will be discussed in more detail during a consultation at our office in Kissimmee, Florida. Patients will continue to check in and weigh themselves during this phase.

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