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Lip Flip Vs. Lip Filler... or Both at Beautiful Orlando Medical Spa

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With the holidays right around the corner are you considering a lip flip or lip filler before your next big event, or just to freshen up your everyday appearance? At Beautiful Orlando Medical Spa in Kissimmee, FL, we offer both of these non-surgical injections. 


Beautiful Orlando Lip Flip 

A lip flip allows the upper part of your lip to relax and flip outward, creating the appearance of fuller lips. We make the lip flip happen with injecting Botox at a few strategically placed sites along the upper lip. This also helps relax the smokers lines. 


  • The lip flip amplifies the natural shape of your lips, without exaggerating, for an all-natural effect. 
  • It’s a less-invasive option for lip enhancement. In fact, it’s considered to be one of the safest and most widely used injectables on a global level. 
  • It’s more cost effective than a lip filler. At Beautiful Orlando medical spa the cost can range between $75 - $150. 
  • There’s no downtime after the injections. You’re ready to step back out into your typical day. 
  • We advise to avoid strenuous activity and abstinence from alcohol for twenty four hours after the procedure. 


  • The lip flip doesn’t last as long as filler. It lasts about 6-12 weeks, since the lips are so heavily used for expressions, eating and more. But any person considering a lip filler can try the lip flip and then move on to a filler once they are ready. 
  • There’s a delay in results. Complete results can take up to two weeks after the injections 
  • You can experience short-term numbness and swelling and redness with bruising.
lip flip vs lip filler

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Beautiful Orlando Lip Filler

We use Juvederm ULTRA PLUS for our lip filler at Beautiful Orlando to

make your lips physically fuller in volume. Prior to the treatment, we put a topical numbing cream on your lips to reduce any discomfort you may feel during the treatment. During the treatment, we inject the clear, hyaluronic acid gel into your lips as well as around them. The gel contains a soft filler that creates the effect, as well as lidocaine to decrease pain.


Filler can last from six months to up to a year,for a long-term, consistent look.

There’s no illusion. It actually makes your lips plumper in shape and size while smoothing the lines around them.

You see results right away.

Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body so it’s safe, with a low risk of allergic reaction.

Dr. Anita Sabharwal can control your increase in lip volume, since she can control how much gel we inject, to meet your vision.


Lip filler is higher in cost than a lip flip (Plan to pay around $550/syringe). That said, you’re still investing in longer-lasting results.

Side effects may range from tenderness to bumps, swelling, bruising and redness. However, any side effect is usually mild and doesn’t last more than a couple weeks.

But wait — can you combine a lip flip and filler?

Actually, yes. This can be a rewarding option for someone who has really thin lips and or smokers lines.

So, what’s the right tactic for you?

You decide. Need to think it through more? We’re also here for a consultation to help you figure out your next step.


If you have any questions on pricing, post-procedure results, or anything else regarding lip flips vs lip fillers? Call our Beautiful Orlando office in Kissimmee, FL at (407)766-6080. Our patient coordinators will help you determine which lip procedure makes the most sense for your specific goals.

* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.