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PDO Threads vs. Facelift: Which is Better? At Beautiful Orlando Medical Spa

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What are PDO Threads?

PDO threads are polydioxanone sutures that are used to improve sagging skin, loose jowls, fine lines, and wrinkles. It is a non surgical procedure used to lift and tighten the skin with minimal downtime. With this procedure, results are seen instantly and there are not many risks associated with the procedure, except for some light swelling and bruising. This procedure lasts about one year, as the threads are slowly absorbed. Meaning that multiple sessions will be necessary to maintain your results. However, as they dissolve, collagen is released, which will help produce younger looking skin that lasts. Collagen is used to maintain the skins elasticity and strength. As one stops producing collagen as they age, this factor of the PDO threads is extremely beneficial.

What is a Facelift?

A facelift is a surgical procedure that requires a hospital stay and about 6 weeks of healing time. This procedure is used to remove loose skin and tighten the face to produce dramatic results. With this procedure, there is a long downtime, with possibilities of infection, nerve damage, and visible scarring. However, this treatment provides long lasting, instant, and permanent results. Typically, facelifts significantly alter your appearance.

Key Differences 

  • Facelifts are surgical, PDO Threads are nonsurgical 
  • PDO Threads have little to no downtime 
  • Facelifts take about 6 weeks to heal, PDO Threads take 2-7 days 
  • PDO Threadlift results are temporary, Facelift results are permanent 
  • PDO Threads take about 1 hour, Facelifts take 2-6 hours

PDO Threads Procedure

Before the procedure we will apply a numbing cream to reduce any discomfort you might feel. And a local anesthetic will be injected into your face as well. Our doctor will insert the threads by your upper cheek, and cut off the excess once it is in place. Every patient is different, and so you might need more or less threads than others. Our doctor will discuss this with you before she begins the treatment. 

Aftercare for PDO Threads 

  • The following are some aftercare instructions that are important to follow: 
  • Do not sleep on your side for a couple of weeks 
  • Do not rub, scrub, or exfoliate your face; gently clean 
  • Avoid drinking from a straw and smoking while healing 
  • Avoid exercise for a few days 
  • Avoid making intense facial expressions 
  • Use Arnica Gel for bruising 
  • Use ice if needed to relieve discomfort

Which is Better?

Every patient is different, so it is important that you decide what is best for you and your needs! Consult with Dr. Anita Sabharwal about the PDO threads to see if this procedure suits what you are trying to achieve.

For more information visit our website at https://beautifulorlando.com/procedures/face/pdo-thread-lift-kissimmee-fl

Give us a call to schedule a consultation and see if this procedure is right for you: 407-766-6080!

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