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The Benefits of Combining Platelet Rich Plasma with Hyaluronic Acid

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What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

PRP injections are derived from your own blood to aid in wound healing. This works by removing the plasma in your blood and injecting it directly into your face to allow for the formation of new proteins. These injections are common in the sports world, and are used to treat injuries.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is produced naturally in the body. It helps hydrate your skin and keep your skin flexible, meaning that it aids in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It is great at helping the skin maintain its elasticity, which is why it is seen in many moisturizers, serums, and other skincare products.

Benefits of Combining Both

Combining PRP with hyaluronic acid filler allows us to improve your skin tone, reduce wrinkles, and stimulate collagen, all while adding volume to your face and reducing the appearance of deep lines. This allows us to offer patients a highly effective procedure with little downtime. The following are some benefits of this treatment:   

  • Reduce wrinkles  
  • Improve skin tone and texture  
  • Stimulate collagen production 
  • Add volume to the face  
  • Reduce the appearance of under-eye circles/bags 
  • Younger-looking skin

The Importance of Collagen

Collagen is a protein found in the body that helps give your face structure. As we age, this starts to breakdown and causes wrinkles and fine lines. As one reaches their 30s, collagen production is reduced, thus it is important to stimulate this production to keep your skin looking smooth, fresh, and rejuvenated.

Best Candidates

PRP with hyaluronic acid works for all skin types and textures, on both men and women.

Those with a history of Hepatitis C, HIV, active infections, or any type of blood cancer are not good candidates for PRP.

The Process

The entire PRP with HA process takes about one hour. We will first draw a vial of your blood and spin it in a centrifuge. This is used to separate the platelet rich plasma from the blood. We then take this plasma and mix it with the hyaluronic acid filler. This mixture will be directly injected into your face, typically around the cheek area. Our doctor will work with you and our medical assistant to ensure that your face is symmetrical. You might feel some discomfort, thus lidocaine is injected during the procedure and a numbing cream is applied beforehand.


After your procedure, there might be some swelling and bruising. You should avoid touching your face as much as possible for a few weeks, as well as applying makeup. Do not rub your face; gently wash and pat dry. Painkillers can be utilized if you feel pain or discomfort. You are also welcome to apply ice, or Arnica Gel, if you are feeling discomfort. We also advise that you sleep on your back until your face has fully healed.


If you are not ready to commit to the PRP with HA, we also offer the PRP alone. As well as PRP with microneedling; known as the vampire facial. Visit https://beautifulorlando.com/procedures/face/microneedling-kissimmee-fl for more information on this treatment.

Need More Info?

Visit our website for more information on this procedure: https://beautifulorlando.com/procedures/injectables/prp-therapy-kissimmee-fl

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