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What is the Botox lip flip and how does it work? Botox Lip Flip at Beautiful Orl

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Do you feel like your upper lip disappears when you smile? Do you feel like your smile is all gums? Maybe your lips used to be full but lately, they seem less plump. 

Because aging impacts collagen production, your lips can begin to lose the fullness and elasticity that you’re used to. This can result in a thin smile and vertical lines. Even if you were born with full lips, you might see the shape fading over time. What’s more frustrating than losing one of your most prominent features?

Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for thin, faded lips. Whether you were born with thinner lips or you’ve lost your fullness over time, there are a number of treatment options available designed to help you bring new life to your lips and enhance your natural beauty. The most popular option, Botox Lip Flip, also happens to be one of the safest available.


What Is A Lip Flip?

The Lip Flip is a fast and easy procedure that takes just 15 minutes, leaving your lips looking full and soft. Botox injections around the lips relax those muscles, allowing the lip to roll slightly outward. This reveals more of the lip surface, making them look larger. 

Botox is the biggest injectable on the market—and by far the safest. It’s FDA approved, delivers noticeable results in as little as 72 hours, and has been reviewed in over 700 clinical studies. If you have a gummy smile, a Botox treatment can relax your upper lip and allow it to rest just above the tops of your teeth, covering your gums. It also plumps up existing lip tissue for extra volume.

How Does It Work?

Botox contains botulinum toxins, naturally occurring neurotoxins that temporarily paralyze specific muscles to visibly minimize signs of aging. It’s most commonly used to remove forehead lines, crows feet, and lines around the mouth. However, the same proven technology works wonders on your lips.

This only takes a few minutes and is virtually painless. You’ll see full results in several days and the results last a few months. It’s a great, subtle, temporary solution to thin lips.

As an extra benefit, the relaxing nature of Botox also helps with vertical lines around your mouth. It can make you look years younger in hours.

The Lip Flip simply relaxes your lip muscles to allow more surface area to show. It creates a pouty look and helps to keep that top lip from disappearing when you smile. Whether you choose a lip filler or a flip is dependent on how dramatic and how you want the change to be. 

A Lip Flip is a simple injection of botox, which simply comes with temporary numbness and very slight swelling. Lip fillers will last much longer than Botox, but for some, the savings and less invasive nature of Botox is a better option.

If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if our Botox Lip Flip is right for you, please call (407)766-6080 to schedule your appointment! 

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