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Why you need ELTA MD sunscreen to protect your skin this summer in Orlando FL

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At Beautiful Orlando Medical Spa in Kissimmee, Florida we are adamant about wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen—not just during summer but all year round. It’s one of the skin care products even the most basic regimen should have—and for good reason: Not only does it protect against UVB, or the ray that causes sunburn and skin cancer, it also protects against UVA, which accelerates skin aging.

Different skin types, concerns and preferences have spawned different kinds of sunscreen formulas—from spray to powder to cream. But if there’s one sunscreen product that we highly recommend - it’s EltaMD® UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46. Here are the reasons why - 

1. It’s recommended by physicians and estheticians.

We recommend this sunscreen to our patients most of the time as part of their treatment plan because of its ingredients like zinc and hyaluronic acid. 

2. It’s great for those with oily and acne-prone skin.

While most people complain that most sunscreens break them out, Elta MD UV Clear does the opposite, thanks to its acne-fighting ingredients niacinamide and lactic acid.

3. It works for those with rosacea too.

If you are one of the 14 million Americans who struggles with rosacea, you probably have a hard time finding products that won’t inflame your skin. The good news? This sunscreen is designed with you in mind.

4. It doesn’t irritate sensitized skin.

Don’t have rosacea but your skin still reacts to aggressive formulas and certain ingredients? Then you may have sensitized skin. Sensitized skin is triggered by both external and internal factors like pollution, alcohol, chronic emotional and physical stress, poor diet and your skin care products. If you find yourself torn between sunburn or skin irritation, this sunscreen might work for you.

5. It helps lighten acne marks and other dark spots.

While not in any way a treatment for dark spots and hyperpigmentation, this sunscreen has a unique formula that helps fade dark spots and even skin tone. 

6. It works well alone or under makeup.

Most patients like how this sunscreen absorbs well and leaves a nice, matte finish. 

7. It doesn’t leave a ghastly white cast.

Not a fan of that ghastly white cast most mineral sunscreens leave on your skin? Nor are we. Luckily this sunscreen won’t give you that ghastly complexion. In fact, the sunscreen we provide at Beautiful Orlando Medical Spa has a universal tint that goes with all skin tones. 

8. Even men love it.

Men can be stubborn when it comes to sunscreen application (and re-application), but this might be something they’d consider.

9. It’s great for everyday use.

Overall, patients love the versatility of this sunscreen, from the non-negotiable sun protection it provides to the nice-to-have benefits. 

It is perfect for the intense heat we go through during these summer months in Orlando, Florida. Stop by and get yours today or give us a call for more information on how other treatments can help prevent and repair sun damage for your skin as well! 

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